Authorization Tasks and Responsibilities

Head of Department
Head of Department: Şaban USTA
To create a safe and peaceful work environment without discrimination of personnel for the regular work of all the job descriptions and working groups within the Presidency, to provide control and supervision of the work done, to report the needs of the Presidency, problems of the Presidency,

Branch manager
Branch Manager: Tuncer GEVENÇ
To ensure that groups work effectively and harmoniously using management functions (Planning, Organizing, Orientation, Coordination, Auditing). To make necessary negotiations with these units in coordination with other units. To prepare the necessary reports about the works and submit them to the Head of Department. Planning permission of the unit personnel. Determine who will distribute computer, computer by-products, consumables, and other materials allocated to the unit for use within the group.
 Server and Internet Services Duties and Responsibilities
Job Responsibilities: Oğuzhan KARANFİL, Mahmut Kürşad EYİCİ, İbrahim Zekeriya URASOĞLU
 It provides 7/24 uninterrupted internet service from all wired and wireless internet access locations in our campus and back ends. It covers the hosting, maintenance, security and back-up services of the e-mail server, student work automation server, staff work automation server, portable goods automation server and web server, library server, primary and secondary dns servers, proxy server, apache server and all other servers. Provides fiber optic terminations for VOIP (telephone), IP Camera and KGS (Traffic Control System) traffic through the internet infrastructure, and design suitable network architecture and pass it to life. According to Law No. 651, All devices are kept in record, web traffic is kept for at least 12 months, and Internal IP Distribution logs are saved to the system in electronic environment. Every kind of goods and service requirements related to the internet infrastructure are edited. It ensures that the necessary measures are taken to ensure continuity of Internet services over the long haul. Provides management, maintenance and operation of Content Filtering and Security Systems.
Software Group
Job Responsibilities: Fatma KARAOĞLU
To develop new software to meet the needs of the units of Aksaray University, to update existing software and to follow the software processes in our university.
Duties and Responsibilities of the Computer Center Secretary
Business Responsible: Durdu EROĞLU
Arrange the work to be done according to priority and priority order. Providing intra-unit communication. Follow up the salary process and the purchasing process and prepare the documents. Conduct official correspondence.
Network Services Group Duties and Responsibilities
Job Responsibilities: Mahmut Kürşad EYİCİ, Şevket DEMİRCİ
 The main task of the Network Services working group is to ensure the continuity of internet service within the university, to make necessary maintenance, renewal work and to make configuration changes according to the situation.
Providing internet links for university staff, maintaining the necessary infrastructure works for the applications on the network and ensuring that they are used appropriately for the purpose of internet connection.
Web Working Group Duties and Responsibilities
Job Responsibilities: Oğuzhan KARANFİL, İbrahim Zekeriya URASOĞLU
 The web workgroup is responsible for preparing and regularly updating the website of our university. To provide web sites for publishing web pages designed for academic-administrative units and activity organizations in our university and to provide technical services to enable the usage of these opened areas to run smoothly.
 To help guide and guide the web site usage guidelines and guidelines for the web pages of the units.
SOME (Chief Intervention Team)
 Job Responsibilities: Şevket DEMİRCİ, İsmail SAVRAN
 To carry out studies to prevent the continuation, repetition or damage of the cybercrime by detecting the source, causes and consequences of the cybercrime that has found or caused the risk of confusion, integrity and accessibility of information and control systems or data held or processed in these systems.
Technical Service and PC Maintenance Group Duties and Responsibilities
Job Responsibilities: Adnan ŞENER, İsmail SAVRAN
To collect the statistical data of failures that occur in the institution's computers and failures that occur. To prepare a guideline information system that can be used by the user himself or herself, simple faults often occur.
Card Migration Systems Group Duties and Responsibilities
            Job Responsibilities: Mahmut Kürşad EYİCİ, İbrahim Zekeriya URASOĞLU
The smart card system used in our university